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Hello everyone!! I have been away from the computer and the community for quite sometime. Working a 40 hour work week is a new experience for me, and I've been working hard. :D

We'll let me share my collection with you, my fellow trainers! 
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...and for your convenience SALES!
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I'm proud of my banner. <3 :D I was on a .gif kick awhile back.
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Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!!! 

So much going on! It was a good day! Celebrating Easter is a really fun thing to do... Over 50% of the celebrating is eating food and getting lots of candy. Even though eggs are included in the food part 25% is still dedicated to eggs: coloring, eating, decorating, hunting, hiding, finding (finding them under cars). The other 25% is newborn animals, the feeling of spring, the sights of spring, the sounds of spring, (the smells of spring), and anything else that feels like Spring. Jesus is also the reason for the season, and like many, we pay our respects.

I wish I could say more, but I am really quite tired. I have a very large, very fluffy Morph behind my head...

Oh, happy day! Oh, happy day!
When Jesus washed...
When Jesus washed...
When Jesus washed...
He washed my sins away!

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Hello, hello...

I cannot sleep, but I do wish to dream of wonderful things.

Seems counter intuitive...
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